N88-12深度計 規格



Western Instruments Dial Indicator Pit Gauges allow the Corrosion Inspector to conveniently measure Pit Depth or material loss in areas of Weight-Loss Corrosion. Various Blades for the Pit Gauges are available for different applications, including the Bridging Pit Gauge which permits Inspectors to Span or Cantilever over large areas of Weight-Loss Corrosion, to get a true measure of Pit Depth.


  • N88-12 Reference Pit Gauges with Dial or Digital Indicators
  • Western Instruments Pit Gauges assure compliance with vessel, pipeline, tank and OCTG specifications for corrosion and erosion depth measurement.
  • Measuring Ranges x Resolution: 14 x 0.01 mm or 0.550 inch x 0.001 inch)
  • 5.5" (140 mm) long, 3/4" (19 mm) wide with Inverted V Edge and 2 Adjustable Magnet Cartridges
  • Available with dial or digital indicators


Dial and Digital Indicators

Metric Dial Indicator Imperial Dial Indicator Digital Indicator
Range: 0.0-10mm
Resolution: 0.01mm
Dial Diam: 35.5mm
Range: 0.0-0.5"
Resolution: 0.001"
Dial Diam: 1.4"
Range: 0.0-0.5", 0.0-10mm
Dial Diam: 56mm, 2.2"

Measuring Corrosion (Depth)
1-Standard Tip 2-Conical Tip 3-Needle Tip
0.040" diam. 0.010" diam. 0.005" diam.
#1 Contact Point-Standard N88-S #2 Contact Point-Conical N88-C #3 Contact Point-Needle N88-N
Western offers a variety of Contact Points, which are all 0.625" (16mm) long. Any ADG Contact point can be used with our special dial indicators, but a different length may affect Height Zeroing, or the vertical position of the Dial Indicator. Contact Points are easily replaced, by extending the Contact Point , and turning it counter clockwise.